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Win Clients and Customers With The 3 E's of Social Media

People use social media for many reasons: funny cat videos, recipes, tutorials for home improvement projects, and sharing well-wishes with friends and family. Although there are some exceptions, social media users are looking for content to make them think, laugh, and learn.

Well, except for that old friend who likes to argue -- but that’s another story for another day.

Brands, on the other hand, often miss the mark when it comes to social media content. Although data shows what their followers want, many brands spend too much time pushing product and service content into noisy timelines. The people have spoken: we don’t need more marketing -- these days, social media users crave human connection and emotion more than more company ads.

Not all is lost for companies who want more return on investment in social media—following a few simple guidelines, Transforming from a transactional account with one-way communication of a transactional account to a thriving community of two-way communication. Remember the 3 E's of social media: engaging, entertaining, and educating.


Engaging with a company and getting a response is like yelling into an empty room and hearing someone yell back -- it’s unexpected, and you might not know what to do.

Although engaging with followers is one of the simplest ways to improve a company’s social media feed, a surprisingly hefty number don’t do it. Answering questions, responding to comments, and fixing problems that pop up can not only build rapport with their clients and customers but also can give brand managers valuable data on who follows them and why.

Tips for Engagement

  • Post a shout out to new followers

  • Respond to every comment, even if you share a Gif

  • Jump in on conversations with followers or other brands

  • Post content that inspires conversation


In the 2018 movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, a walking, talking algorithm called Yesss determined what videos made it to the front page of BuzzTube (a combination of BuzzFeed and YouTube.) Although the algorithm isn’t as much fun in the real world, the concept is the same: entertaining posts are a win!

The key to entertaining your audience is to know what they want to see. For instance, a funny meme may work for some brands but fall flat with others. Entertainment comes in many forms: humorous, moving, intriguing, silly, and unexpected posts are excellent ways to entertain your followers and keep them sticking around.

Tips for Entertaining

  • Use live or pre-recorded video for a behind-the-scenes look into your business

  • Share a weekly quote or joke

  • Don’t copy what others are doing; instead, search for content that no one else has used, or create a format all your own


Dealing with social media frustrations is easier when you know you might learn something helpful while you’re there. Tutorials, how-to guides, explainers, and informational tips about your product or service that teach your audience something new can provide the exposure your brand needs to reach more potential clients and customers.

Platforms that have emerged as the go-tos for tutorials have something in common: they encourage like-minded people to share ideas. It’s a fantastic resource for brands interested in connecting on a more personal level with their fans and clients and customers.

Tips for Educating

  • Create downloads with tips and tricks about your products

  • Share a series of recommendations that align with your products or services

  • Record a how-to or “life hack” video to repurpose on multiple platforms

These categories work because they evoke emotions; a feeling of belonging, joy, and laughter, and the power of knowledge. The more your brand uses the 3 E's, the stronger the link between you and your clients and customers becomes.

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