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What Do You Need to Know About Clubhouse?

Do you recall the early days of the lockdown in 2020, when 'Clubhouse' was a common name on every social forum?

From the mastermind behind Tesla (Read: Elon Musk) to none other than Bill Gates, every maestro endorsed Clubhouse's audio-exclusive app.

Everyone wanted to find an inside scoop about the mysterious app, but the invite-only exclusion had kept its concept and conversations within shrouds.

Now that Clubhouse has bid farewell to its invite-only policy and welcomed millions of users to its doorstep, here is all you need to know about it!

What Is Clubhouse?

In a nutshell, Clubhouse is an app without text or images. It seems like an English Gentlemen's Club that is far too modern and user-friendly—built on virtual chatrooms where a few members speak amongst themselves and the rest of the room 'listens' to their conversation!

Clubhouse is different because it doesn't leave a digital fingerprint for the speakers. You can talk to a virtual room full of people and discuss your deepest secrets. But no one can save the audio or trace it back to you once you are done!

It is a refreshing break from the brain-frying, eye-boggling social media apps that scroll on for miles.

When on Clubhouse, you can switch between different rooms, ask for permission to join a conversation, and lose yourself in the throes of audio-oriented interactions.

Why Was It Such a Hit?

There is no secret that any publicity is considered good publicity. But when it came to Clubhouse, the creators had sworn secrecy and continued to entice the public with a few teasers every few days.

The app was initially accessible for iPhones. When you pair it with the invite-only acceptance, Clubhouse was like being counted amongst the intellectual elite of our time. Invites were a hot commodity, and if you had an extra one you were lucky!

Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Drake, and Kevin Hart are few celebrated names amongst its long list of users!

Launched in March 2020, the app gained continuous support and investment from money-minded gurus. The $12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz led to its latest valuation at $4 billion.

Is It the Right Choice for You?

Clubhouse is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to learn something new every day. It is the hottest social app for 2021 and offers a new realm of engagement and interaction for the entire social-media-driven audience.

Since Clubhouse opened the virtual doors, it's won a new yet loyal fan base. It has inspired all the major apps to introduce a similar feature of separate 'rooms' to increase the exclusivity of any experience!

Final Verdict

What happens to Clubhouse can't be predicted, even with its current success. Will it become the next big thing like Tik Tok or fade into a distant memory like Vine? Only time will tell.

But today, you can enjoy the wave and embrace the inherent anonymity of audio-based interactions, meet new friends, connect with experts, or find an idea that can change the course of your life! Jump in and try it out now before it's too late!

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