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Start 2021 off with a Bang!

Have you made your professional resolution for 2021? A great ambition for the New Year is to get comfortable in your business’s social media skin while you continue to refine your strategy.

Social media marketing is a core way to connect with your clients, potential clients, employees, potential employees, and other stakeholders. What you demonstrate through your social media marketing efforts is your business’s personality and the mission that drives your brand. You showcase your competence, service, compassion, skills, and awareness.

Sure, ultimately, your objective is to sell your brand and your products, but social media marketing is also about sharing. The social media marketplace is a community where people go to learn and connect. It’s an ongoing opportunity to meet your friends and followers. One of the ways you do that is by assisting those who are searching for answers. You’re an expert. You’re a pro. Your business has your subject matter cornered. You know how to answer questions and how to direct your followers to the inside scoop.

Refining your social media presence and starting the new year off with a plan to exhibit a comfortable, useful, professional persona on social media is a great way to kick 2021. Here’s how to get started.

Capture real moments

Did you ever notice that it can be hard to think of engaging social media content when you’re sitting at your desk, but you can have a flurry of ideas while you’re washing dishes or driving around town? Those ideas crop up at the most random times, and we’ve got to grab them while we can.

Find your system for integrating social media thinking into your regular life. Come up with a mechanism for capturing those dishwashing or driving revelations so that you keep a running list of potential posts. Social media posts that are rooted in the everyday-ness of life tend to hit well. “Being real and creating authentic content can forge a deeper connection with customers, encouraging brand loyalty, and taking the bond past sales. It’s about the relationship between the brand and followers, and by being real, that relationship becomes stronger, allowing brands to secure customers’ valuable attention and engagement.”, writes Leslie Licano for Forbes.

There’s a comfort and a naturalness to compelling social media content. Your social media content and your business’s presence is an extension of you. It’s about being there for your friends and followers in those everyday moments because that’s where most of us live.

Grab those great ideas as they occur to you. Part of being an expert is that your mind is probably pulsating with work-related thinking all the time. Your followers don’t think like that, so give them the benefit of hearing the musings of someone who does. That’s what social media is all about.

Here are some examples: two comments that always get a laugh from senior citizens (even on rainy days) or two things first time home buyers should look for in a yard. These don’t have to be long, in-depth articles. They can be short posts based on an experience you had today or something you’ve observed throughout your career.

Get real with social media this year. Think about it like a chat with your friend who’s trying to take care of his aging parents or help her younger sister buy a home. Share advice that you’d want to know.

Think like a hashtag

If you live with tween or teens, a hilarious skill they bring to the table is that they can quickly think like a hashtag. If they see a mailbox that toppled over, they’re quick to say #MeOnMonday. If they see a dog in full trot, they chime #melateforbio. If they see an overflowing garbage can, they yell out #myfinalsweekbackpack. Make thinking about your social media posts an everyday exercise. If you’re reading a new book that you got for Christmas, keep a running list of great quotes for #MondayMotivations. If you’re chatting with a fantastic nurse practitioner you know, see if she’d be willing to share her favorite wellness tip for #WellnessWednesdays. We certainly can’t all be as cool as our teens and tween, but we can adopt some of their social media savvy.

Make it all yours for 2021

Social media is of us. It’s an extension of us. Recognize it as a part of your everyday life. It’s more comfortable, natural, enjoyable that way. Let’s start 2021 with a bang! Happy holidays!

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