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How Newsletters Can Break Through the Noise

Newsletters may sound a bit old-fashioned, conjuring up images of brightly colored bulletins hand-delivered to small, targeted audiences. That’s exactly how electronic

newsletters function, and that’s why they’re such a hot commodity on the content marketing landscape.

Think about it: from your favorite store to your favorite newspaper or magazine, many likely invite you to sign on to receive a regularly distributed newsletter directly to your inbox.

Why is this seemingly old-school form of communication so vital, and how can you use this approach to bolster communications with your clients and customers?

Breaking through the noise:

Social media is an impactful venue for communication, but it’s also a loud, crowded landscape. It’s hard to generate messages that can break through the noise to reach your clients and customers.

Newsletters can function as an ideal means to do this. The audience for these publications has to first express interest, which they do by signing on for your mailing list. Because they’ve taken this initial step, you know that they value your business, as they initiated the effort to keep in touch.

That’s a powerful place from which to begin a relationship. Now that you know you have their attention, you want to make sure to use it strategically.

Why newsletters?

Customers and clients appreciate this mode of communication, because it keeps them in the loop. When they choose a service or a vendor that suits them, they tend to value having up-to-date, insider knowledge that fortifies and simplifies their relationship with that business.

Businesses that successfully use newsletters to keep their clients informed first have to develop a reputation for being engaging, savvy communicators. They must establish an institutional voice that exudes industrial expertise and an awareness of what their clients and customers want and need.

Once that voice has been established, newsletters are helpful devices to inform clients and customers about how to best use products or services, to entice them with updates about promotions or events, to engage them with success stories or case studies and to encourage them to provide feedback about their experiences. Newsletters can also curate hot topic in the industry and present them to readers in an interesting way.

Successful newsletters earn readership; these emails get opened and read. Another reason that newsletters are popular is that you can measure their success by seeing what percentage of your audience is actually opening your newsletters. Then you can experiment with your content based on what gets your audience’s attention.

How to get started

If you’re considering adopting a newsletter as part of your content marketing strategy, reach out to Social Butterfly and we’ll happily send over some samples. We are a proud partner with Constant Contact, the industry’s best email marketing company. We are ready to help you grow your ideas into a strong content strategy that can break through the noise and get your business the attention it deserves. Contact us today!

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