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How to Create Enough Content to Circulate on Social Media

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What makes great social media content? Remember, your social media presence is an extension of your business. It’s an expression of your expertise. It’s one more way to show your friends and followers how you dominate your niche. You want your posts to sound authentically you, and to demonstrate that you know everything there is to know about your subject matter. You want to be genuinely helpful, so that friends, followers and prospects can use what you post (and share it with their contacts). This way, they will see you as their go-to resource, which bodes well for your business.

It can be challenging, though, to keep coming up with ideas about what to post. Try not to over complicate it and recognize that you already have the answers. Your friends and followers are looking for some information that you explain every day to your clients and customers.


Your business is complex. There’s nuances, industrial red tape, insider know-how, secrets, etc. that regular people who are just getting started in their pursuits don’t know. You probably have a succinct pitch that you can passionately deliver when a particular question is posed about home health care, first time home buying, social media marketing, etc. Whatever industry you represent, you’re undoubtedly versed in its intricacies. That’s the kind of lowdown your friends and followers are inclined to appreciate-insights that will make it easier to understand your world from the outside.

Think about it: what is the question that you most commonly field? Where does the answer to that question live? Probably on your website, right? What if you gave it a more prominent placement? Could it exist as a post? If you circulate it as a post or further develop it as a blog post, you can then position it in the larger social media conversation using hashtags.

This gives one of your most commonly asked questions a fresh new life and gives you the chance to display it apart from your website. You know, first hand, that this is something people are always curious about, so pose the answer before they ask the question. It’s a good marketing strategy.

Pro tips

We love tips from those who are in the know. It makes life easier and it gives you the chance to advertise one of the best things about your business-the industry prowess and know-how of those who run it. It’s a great endorsement to give potential clients and customers advice about how to get their minds around the project of selling their home or how to get started when they have a senior in their family who needs a safe arrangement.

These are big decisions. People appreciate those who know about them sharing details that they haven’t considered. These basics may seem like no-brainers to you, but your future clients and customers are overwhelmed as they try to get these basics down. Make their job easier by sharing your expertise.

Industry specific events, observances, updates and news

Be your friends’ and followers’ go-to sources for staying in the loop when it comes to your industry. When it’s Alzheimer’s Awareness month, send them the links and resources they need to know what that means. Create content that champions these especially important awareness events for your industry. When a new tax credit is approved from home buyers, explain in layman’s terms what that means for first time buyers. Be your followers’ industry interpreter, so that they can experience what is happening in your industry in a way that makes it real for them.

Likewise, keep them posted about important news and updates. Whatever you know that people in your industry will be talking about, break that down for your users, explaining how that relates to their experience of the industry. This keeps your followers informed and solidifies your reputation as a well-versed insider.

Office character

Social media marketing gives you the chance to show off your team’s professional personality. Embrace that. Create a post around how your team is helping others during the pandemic. Post success stories about the number of new home owners who got the keys to their first home this month. Celebrate your staff and their outstanding work.

While social media is a strategic marketing tool, it’s also a chance to highlight and celebrate your business. Have fun with it, and that will come through in what you post.

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1 Comment

lion kelwin
lion kelwin
Jan 31

A suggestion to further improve your strategy is to use videos recorded from the screen. They can help create a variety of content such as tutorials, step-by-step instructions on digital tools, or even reactions to industry news. Screen recordings can also help in visually explaining concepts that may be more complex in text form. This approach can diversify your content, keeping your social media channels dynamic and engaging. You can read the full article here

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