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Five Fun Things to do on Social Media this Summer

Let’s be honest: it’s a weird summer. Many of the token summer events and activities that we eagerly await have been cancelled or they’ve gone remote. We’ve all had to mask up, be extra careful and get creative to connect with our family, friends, and clients. We’ve also had to do our part to reach out to those who are hurting most in our community.

While this isn’t exactly the season we were expecting, there’s a lot to work with when it comes to our social media marketing plans. For one thing: 25 percent of Americans report using social media more often during this time of isolation, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Your clients and customers are receptive; they are eager for good news, happy vibes, and positive energy. Get creative and engage your audience. Summer is the perfect time to get into social media marketing mode.

Mask up

Sure, it can be hard to get used to wearing masks. But as the CDC assures, it’s the best way to protect each other, and in so doing, to protect ourselves.

Consider finding ways to work these unique elements, that capture the essence of summer 2020, into your social media marketing efforts. Make branded masks and invite your followers to post themselves wearing them. Post pictures of your staff proudly wearing their masks. Stage a Friday contest to see which staff member can get the most “likes” for his or her unique mask.

Wearing masks is our way to protect each other, so incorporating it into your social media marketing is a fun, easy way to spread an important message and to demonstrate content that truly captures this moment in time. Plus, it capitalizes on messaging that already has national momentum. Ride the wave. Circulate the message. Wear your mask.

Share the love

It’s a hard time. People are feeling isolated. In some areas, people are unable to visit their loved ones in nursing homes and care facilities. Grandparents are unable to see their grandchildren. Families are unable to travel for summer visits.

We all need happy stories right now. Tell yours. There’s a collective thirst for that now. If you’re a realtor and you have a heart-warming story about a family who bought their dream home right next to grandma’s house, share that news. If you’re a caregiver and you just cooked a special dinner for client couple who is celebrating 75 years of marriage, circulate that story. If a member of your team finished course work and earned a degree this summer, let your friends and followers know that since the ceremony was cancelled, they can post their congratulations via social media.

We’re all feeling it. We miss each other, and all those hugs, high-fives, and handshakes. Share the love virtually - we’re all here for that.

Give back

Even though we’re struggling, everyday we see stories that make us remember all that we must be thankful for. Recognizing it helps put this time in perspective. Do what you can and post about your experience. Sharing it with friends and followers builds goodwill and serves as an example for others. The food pantries, for example, need a lot of help right now. Take up a collection of food or funds or show up with your team to do some heavy lifting. Get a troop together to go and give blood. The blood banks need your donations immediately. Buy lunch for a local hospital staff or work with other business owners to take up a collection to buy a meal or supplies for first responders.

Show your gratitude and engage in service. It feels good. It makes great social media content. It inspires others to do the same.

Happy thoughts

There are plenty of reasons that we can get down right now, but aim to give your friends and followers something to smile about every day: dad jokes from your favorite realtor, comfort recipes from a seasoned caregiver, or quotes about resilience from your go-to writer. Share something helpful or happy that is authentic and unique to your business.

Get your memes on

If you have tweens or teens, you know that these kids can sit and laugh at memes non-stop. Memes are witty cultural references - a language in which kids are versed. Kids know them, love them, and share them. They imitate them and reference them with speed, conviction, and fluency. Why not make some memes? There’s a lot of subject matter to work with and there’s plenty of meme making apps available. It’s a fun, goofy way to stay on your followers’ minds and to earn laughs along the way.

We got this

It’s a strange summer. But it’s also a time to be creative, smart, and resilient. We’re on a mission and communication matters more now than ever.

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