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Be a Social Butterfly: Engage Clients and Followers via Social Media

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

David Meerman Scott, marketing strategist and best-selling author, explains that when it comes to social media and content marketing, it helps to “Think like a publisher, not a marketer.”

A publisher aims to produce content that incites enthusiasm, attracting eager audiences who can’t wait to share what they’ve read. Publishers look at trends to see what audiences want and to imagine what they may look for in the future. Content and social media marketers have the same aim.

How content marketing and social media marketing differ:

Content marketing means developing content, like blog posts, that are housed on a company’s website and channel that company’s expertise and brand.

Social media marketing is the project of giving that company a social media identity and interacting with clients and prospects via that identity.

The goal for both to amass an audience and forge an ongoing relationship with them by providing engaging content and regular updates. Sometimes the circulation of a blog post may be that update. This is helpful because it brings clients and prospects to the website, and fortifies the company’s voice and expertise.

The dynamics of social media marketing:

Marketing was once a static undertaking: A communication came from a business directed towards an audience. If members of the audience were moved, they might buy the product, shop at the store or sign on for the subscription.

Social media has upped the game; it presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses to forge multi-dimensional relationships with their clients and prospects. Social media marketing is cool, active and engaging. Clients and prospects come to recognize the brand voices they hear in their feeds.

The opportunity social media marketing presents:

Content and social media marketing give you the chance to refine your company’s story in a way that grabs your audience’s attention and makes them want to share the news.

This approach also invites a direct line of communication with clients and prospects. But it only stands to serve you if it’s well tended. You want these interactions to be an extension of your company’s voice and values, to demonstrate that your team provides stellar communication and service.

How we help:

At Social Butterfly Social Media Management Services, we help make your company look tech savvy by using technology to highlight your expertise. We will work closely with your team to ensure that your social sites have a personal touch that’s meaningful to clients in your region.

These efforts yield results that we can demonstrate. Our work has earned our clients documented growth. It’s not only increased their social media audiences by bolstering their number of followers, but it’s also lead to business referrals, community partnerships, and clients.

To achieve these results, we will set up and fully manage your professional Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. We will offer daily posts that engage your followers, plus we will monitor your accounts for all activity and respond accordingly on your behalf.

You keep doing the work that sets your company apart, and we’ll be the Social Butterfly that lets everyone know about it!

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