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5 Tips to Refine your Social Media Presence in 2020

It’s sad to admit it, but by this time of the year, most of us have already given up on our New Year resolutions. While our ambitions to drop a bad habit or adopt a good one may have given way, we’re still at the start of a whole new year. This presents a great opportunity to think about what we want to do in 2020.

It’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you accomplished with your social media marketing strategy in 2019, and where you’d like to take it in 2020. Try not to get hung up thinking of social media marketing as some tricky communication strategy that is exhausting, difficult or beyond you.

Here’s what’s powerful about social media marketing: it’s of us. Brands that do this well have found a way to make it feel authentic, real and helpful to their friends and followers. That doesn’t sound so hard, right? It’s just a matter of getting your mind around this way of thinking about communication.

Aim to refine your social media marketing strategy and presence in 2020 with these tips that stand to make your communications feel tangible, real and totally you.

Consistent, comprehensive profiles

Sometimes in our hurry to get up and running on social media, we can be hasty in creating the profiles that represent our persona or corporate brand. You want your profiles to pop. You also want it to be consistent with your brand voice and to offer comprehensive information about your brand.

Author, influencer and co-founder of NP Digital Neil Patel describes each social media profile as a brand “landing page.” Patel explains: “This landing page is possibly the first encounter that someone is going to have with your brand, and you will want that first impression to make the visitor interested to know more about you.”

Make sure to offer friends and followers all the vital contact and bio information they need to pursue productive communications with you and your company. Take a look at how other brands set up their profiles to get ideas.

Authentic voice

You engage your friends and followers when you “get it.” This means understanding what excites and worried them. It also involves speaking their language using a voice that is honest, genuine, sincere and relatable. Social media marketing is not about being fancy. It’s about being real.

So, generate messaging that channels what you know. For example, if you hear a lot of family caregivers saying that January and February are the hardest times for dementia patients, because the days are short and sundowning starts early, that observation converts into a meaningful post:

“Winter is hard for all of us, but for those struggling with dementia, the short days can be especially confusing and frightening. If someone in your family is struggling with dementia, plan an extra visit this winter. It helps, and make sure to give them and their family caregiver an extra hug before you leave. Let’s do what we can to keep the shadows away.”

You don’t need to use medical or clinical language. Discuss what you know.

Play the game

Play the social media game. Circulate Monday Motivations. Honor National Sandwich Day. Celebrate Sibs Day. Think about how you can champion these causes in ways that uniquely reflects your business.

Sibs Day at a real estate firm, for example, might honor siblings who work in business together or sib clients who bought adjacent homes. As you see these stories play out during the year, tuck them away recognizing that they will be great to circulate (with permission of course!) on social media.

Social media is a powerful engine for business promotion, but businesses win their followers’ hearts and minds when they show off their human side. Social media marketing is fun and lighthearted. So, honor those puppies, babies and birthdays that all friends and followers enjoy seeing in their feeds.

Nail your niche

If your work in senior care, circulates the latest industry updates about aging populations and what they need. If you work in real estate, keep your friends and followers in the loop about what the housing market is up to. Be the voice of your industry to friends, followers and enthusiasts. You know what reports, writers and voices are most respected in your industry; share those with your audience. Your expertise anchors your brand identity and it will keep your fans coming back for more.

Make it your own

Pay attention to the frequently asked questions that your clients pose. If the answers you find yourself regularly sharing are robust enough, those stand to make excellent blog posts. If it’s a quick answer, post that answer as a Wednesday Wisdom or a Thursday Thought.

Listen to your friends and followers. Keep your fingers on the pulse of what they want and need. And don’t forget the photos. Your followers love pictures and videos, so bring it on!

Have fun with social media. It gives your friends and followers a taste of what it’s like to work with your business - that’s a cool opportunity!

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